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Cancer Symptoms:

 Cancer is a group of diseases in which cells are aggressive (grow and divide without respect to normal limits), invasive (invade and destroy adjacent tissues), and/or metastatic (spread to other locations in the body).


 These three properties of cancers make them different from benign tumors, which are self-limited in their growth and do not invade or metastasize (although some benign tumor types are capable of becoming malignant).


 Cancer may affect people at all ages, even fetuses, but risk for the more common varieties tends to increase with age. Cancer causes about 13% of all deaths.


Apart from people, forms of cancer may affect animals and plants.


A Few Tips To Avoid Cancer:

If you vow to quit smoking, for example, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor. It’s the number one way to cut your risk for cancer, and much more than just lung cancer. “Bladder cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer…they’re all associated with cigarette smoking,” says Dr. Electra Paskett of Ohio State University.

Number two, if you exercise, not only might you lose weight, you can cut your risk of colorectal cancer in half and breast cancer by a third.

Number three, yes, you are what you eat. So eat more fruits and vegetables.

Number four, you’ll want to keep in mind when the summer sun returns to watch your exposure to avoid the most common kind of cancer, skin cancer.

And finally, remember your annual screenings.

Studies show that if we all got the screenings we need, the five-year survival rate for most major cancers would jump to 95 percent.

Okay, one more is to control your stress. High levels of stress can actually affect how quickly a cancer progresses.

Healing Cancer If Diagnosed:
Cancer is probably only deadly if the wrong methods are used. Since one cause of cancer is toxicity, you must first go through a detoxification. Adding toxins is dangerous and must be avoided.

Since another cause of cancer is deficiency, you must also eat a diet that gives all necessary nutrients. For this reason the recovery diet must be raw, it must consist of a lot of live foods.

Always remember that one in three people will contract cancer, and one in four will die from the disease.

Cancer Symptoms